And I Became A Junior Handler by Alex Todd (Part 2 of 3)

21 Apr 2014 3:05 PM | Anonymous member
And we left off:     Turns out, he showed for Barb and Eric Long with Barb'Eric Bullmastiffs.

Alex with Barb Long

They soon became my mentors when Aaron went on to work for a professional handler on a consistent basis.  They have taken me under their careful guidance and have taught me what it means to be a breeder. Oh gosh the things that I have learned.  They set me up with a girl first, CH Barb'Eric's Abby of NCIS Fame RN. She was so stubborn but I was hooked from then on out.  She and I went so far, but we had a lot of help from Eric and Barb's grandson Teagan.  He went on to get her obedience titles and used her in the county fair as his 4H dog.

Here on the left:
Barb Long using the
power of suggestion
in training.

To the right: 
Barb Long in the
Obedience Ring.

Next for me was GCH Guardsman's Barb'Eric's Mr. T CGC BN RN, Mr. T.  He was the first bullmastiff I finished.  He and I went so far as a team, qualifying for Eukanuba 3 years in a row, being the top Bullmastiff Junoir for a few years, two National Best Juniors,and the Top 20 Breed Dogs in 2011.  He was truly one of my heart dogs.  He loved to be a couch potato on his weekends off and would play with our cat, our puppies, neighbor kids.  He was a gentle giant who had no idea how to growl or what it was to be "the tough guy."

He would puff up his chest, sure, but that was only if he didn't like the look or smell of someone.  Boy did he protect any kids he was near, whether he knew them or not.

After T came two bred by girls for me, CH Barb'Eric's Striptease and CH Barb'Eric's Tomb Raider. Both of them were spunky and outgoing!  I love them that way, they truly loved to do anything you asked of them- except to not steal your french fries or your heart.

As the years rolled on, came Orion, CH Barb'Eric's Orion. My T son. He finished in three shows with one reserve.  He is so much his father's son with alot of his mom thrown in. 
Join us next time for.... the rest of the story.

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