Socialized Puppy Equals Well Balanced Puppy

01 Mar 2017 6:51 AM | Anonymous

In a perfect world your puppy’s socialization started in his first months of life but even if your pup is six months old it’s never too late to socialize, and the process continues his whole life. Think of all the situations and environments that your puppy will need to be comfortable in: riding in the car, meeting strangers, having contact with the children next door (and children in general), walking along the street, tolerating large trucks and cars, large animals such as horses, vacuum cleaners, and washing machines – to name just a few.

It’s essential that your puppy be completely comfortable being with people and children. So introduce them to all sorts of different people. Let the pup meet people of all descriptions: bearded, thin, overweight, tall, wearing hats, glasses, loud shoes, carrying bags, pushing bicycles, wheelchairs, crutches.. You get the idea right?  

Puppies learn to interact with other dogs correctly. Like all young animals, pups love to play, and games play a vital part in a dog’s development. Dogs develop their canine communication skills through playing with other dogs as puppies.

Through playing, dogs learn the behavior of not biting. When puppies play physical games, they soon learn that a litter mate or adult dog will not tolerate sharp teeth pulling on ears or necks. If a puppy "bites" another dog too hard, he will get a quick reprimand, with the other dog stopping the game for a brief moment. A puppy soon learns to limit the strength of his "bites," and will stop biting too hard when he’s playing with other dogs.

You and your family should continue teaching your puppy not to bite. Whenever your puppy uses his teeth on your skin, you should respond with a sharp yelp of pain (even if it doesn’t hurt), as this will teach your puppy to learn that touching human skin with his teeth is not allowed, no matter how gentle he is.

Bullmastiff puppies can be independent minded (most are) and they need a strong leader - YOU.  This by no means is to imply being heavy handed nor hardhearted.  It is not unusual for the owner of a Bullmastiff to seek assistance from more those more experience in the breed.  If you do not know other more experienced folks in your area and would like to connect email our club at  Our club members are located throughout the Pacific Northwest in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California perhaps near you.  

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