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Our ABA Health & Research Committee has brought together a collection of significant studies.  In this posting you will find links to: information on the studies and the study packet.  While the packet is directed to those attending the National, the studies are for anyone. You are encouraged to download the packet and submit to the studies from your location. NEED NOT ATTEND TO PARTICIPATE. 

The studies include: 
  • DNA Blood Draw for Health – Donate your dogs DNA to the CHIC Repository and help fight cancer with a vial of your dog's blood on the molecular level
    • Cancer research has identified Hemangiosarcoma and Lymphoma indicating genes; and a test for these indicating genes is ex-pected in 2016. We will use our DNA in the CHIC repository to ensure the indicating test is accurate for our breed. The other 50% of Hemangiosarcoma and Lymphoma cases are believed to be environmental which is being researched as part of a large $25 million 7 year study via the Morris Foundation.
  • Cardiology - Echocardiogram
    • Last year 31% of the Membership identified Cardiac as the #1 most severe health issue impacting our breed. Only listening to the heart does not always identify issues with increased velocity. In response, a Cardiac clinic offering OFA Echocardiograms with color doppler for $175 each will be conducted by the top Cardiologist in dogs today, Dr. Joshua Stern DVM, PhD, DACVIM - Cardiology at UC Davis.
    • The video below Dr. Stern describing his research on Newfoundlands.

  • Bullmastiff Specific Confidential Cardiology Repository and Study
    • Discover the genes associated with Sub-Aortic-Stenosis (SAS) and Pulmonic-Stenosis (PS). If you wish, you may also par-ticipate in a confidential bullmastiff cardiology repository. SAS and PS are inherited and there are certain genes that have been identified that cause SAS and PS. Two normal parents can produce affected offspring. Severe SAS can cause immediate death and treatment of mild SAS often re-quires expensive beta blockers. Heart issues differ between breeds and must be studied, chromo-somes mapped and genes identified on a breed by breed basis.  To read more about SAS..

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