10 Steps To The Wag

22 Apr 2014 7:44 PM | Deleted user
Make That Tail Wag
Your dog's tail is a barometer of his emotions. Do what you can to keep it happily wagging.
  1. Play! Dogs, of course, love to play. Set aside time each day for play sessions. Apart from the obvious benefit of having fun together, play also provides an outlet for your dog's energy.
  2. Go On Walks Take your dog on frequent walks. He will enjoy exploring the neighborhood and will benefit from the exercise. Make sure that you have a good strong leash and that you maintain control of the dog at all times.
  3. Talk to Your Dog  Your dog won't understand your words, but he will enjoy the sound of your voice. Talking to your dog will make him feel involved. You can also use different voice levels to praise or correct your dog's behavior.
  4. Give Treats  Your dog will always appreciate a treat, and treats can be used as a supplement to his regular diet, as well as an excellent training aid.
  5. Switch Out Toys  Keep your dog entertained by rotating his toys. Put "old" toys out of sight for a month or two and then bring them out again - your dog will enjoy them just as much as when they were new.
  6. Give Your Time  You are the center of your dog's world. You may be tired after a long day at work, but your dog has spent the day anxiously awaiting your return. Reward that loyalty with your time. Pet him, talk to him, play with him, laugh with him. Let your dog know you value his company.
  7. Find the "Spot"  Scratch your dog's belly often. If you find the "spot," so much the better.
  8. Leave the Radio On  Try leaving the radio or television on when you leave your dog alone. The noise will keep him company.
  9. Plan Activities With Your Dog  Include your dog in family activities. Take him to the park or on outings to the beach, or to special activities such as the "Dog Olympics" or dog parades. Your dog will love being out and about with you.
  10. Give a Massage  Dogs love to be petted, and recent studies have shown that structured massages may be beneficial to your dog's health and behavior. They may also be very relaxing for you!
Love Your Dog  Your dog will love you no matter what. Return the favor.

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