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14 Apr 2014 7:31 AM | Anonymous member
The following are several ways you can continue to be involved:
  1. Join an AKC Club like ours!
    Your local AKC dog club is a great resource. Many clubs offer educational seminars and health clinics. It's also a good place to start if you plan to compete in competitive events with your dog.
  2. Earn an AKC Title
    Explore the sport of dogs by participating in AKC events. The AKC offers titles for accomplishment in a wide variety of competition types and levels. Find an event that's right for your dog, and have fun.
  3. Encourage Breed Behavior
    All purebred dogs were developed with a purpose in mind. Find activities that will encourage your dog to fulfill her breed's purpose. The AKC offers many performance events geared toward specific breeds.
  4. Involve the Kids
    Your children can have fun and learn more about dogs and dog care by participating in AKC Junior Showmanship events. Through the National Junior Organization, your child can compete in conformation and performance events, attend seminars, and earn scholarships.
  5. Find a Mentor
    If you plan to breed or show your dog, you will want to find a knowledgeable person in the breed to show you the ropes. A mentor can be an invaluable source of experience and information, and can help make your "novice" days much easier.
  6. Read All About It
    Keep up with the latest dog news and information by reading or subscribing to AKC publications. From The Complete Dog Book to the AKC Gazette to numerous free publications, the AKC provides a wealth of materials on all areas of the dog world.
Even if you never want to "show" your dog, we welcome you to attend any of our events.  Join us for family days, education, health & research, tip & tricks for training...

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